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We do have to eat, after all . . .



And I do have to report on it.  

Budapest Bisztro (Vecsey Utca 3), located on a street running between the Parliament and Liberty Square, is a relatively new restaurant, open since October 2012.  It could be a classy bistro in any city – sleek, modern, attractive design – except that it serves upscale Hungarian food – amuse bouche of goose liver butter, sous vide chicken breast on a savory “pumpkin pie” for Angela and grilled (nicely rare) pork tenderloin on barley risotto for me.  The “pumpkin pie” was worth a return visit.  It is priced like a classy bistro too, relative to Budapest restaurants, that is; but not unreasonable for the quality of the food.  A pricy wine list too for the sort of place but what we had was especially good – a karadka from Eger.  Service was a little iffy at first but improved considerably once the server sorted out a problem with the bill of another customer.  We think it is worth another visit.


We also had lunch recently at the Dunapark Etterem, which is near our apartment.  We were told that it is the place movers and shakers go to lunch in order to move and shake.  We went after spending an exhausting morning way off on the Buda side at the immigration office applying for residence visas (think DMV x 10) so all we were looking for was a quiet and relaxing lunch back in our own neighborhood.  The food was only average but the ambience was wonderful.  Dunapark is a landmark Bauhaus apartment building – see my picture of it in an earlier post – and the restaurant is elegant 1930s modern: dark wood, white walls, black lacquered furniture, burgundy sofas, chrome and glass, contemporary art, gentle curving lines, and windows opening to a park and the Danube.  As best we could tell, at least a couple of the tables were occupied by important people though we haven’t a clue what importance they held. 


Finally, return trips to restaurants of our first week: We were a little less impressed the second visit with Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo (the sweet breads stuffed in my pork cutlet were a bit mushy) but we liked Kiskakukk  even more.  Angela’s grilled portk medallions wrapped in bacon were excellent and my venison stew with flat noodles was among the best things I’ve eaten this trip. 


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