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Café Kor (District V, Sas utca 17) continues to earn its reputation as one of the best in the city.  It is just off the Szent Istvan Bazilika plaza and near Central European University.  It is a relatively small café and generally crowded – today the crowd seemed to include a few tourists like us but mostly business lunchers and locals.  It’s an attractive space with salmon colored walls, high ceilings, dark wood paneling, white linen tablecloths, and large windows opening on to Sas utca.  When we were here in 2006 it was one of our favorite places for a late lunch.  It seemed even better today than we remembered.  Today we had taken students to the US Embassy to met with the cultural attaché in the morning followed by a two hour guided architectural tour of art nouveau buildings; so when we left the students we were ready for a civilized and relaxing lunch.  The food at Cafe Kor is Hungarian but with a slightly modern refinement.  Specials are written on a board (in Hungarian and English) and feature what is seasonal and local.  The waiter was friendly, professional, and very helpful in describing the specials and suggesting a wine.  Angela had a delicious Transylvanian dish – pieces of pork mixed with cubes of fried potato and a pickled cucumber salad – and I had their take on a cabbage roll but instead of stuffing the cabbage, it was layered with ground pork and rice with sour cream, much lighter than the traditional stuffed cabbage.  The waiter suggested a cabernet franc from the Lake Balaton region that we enjoyed as well.  Then Angela forced me to share an apple cake with meringue and vanilla cream that was wonderful.  Full, relaxed, and very happy we waddled to the #2 tram and back to the apartment.  Beautiful architecture and delicious food – what more could one expect from a day? Oh, and the sun was out for a hour or so!!




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