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Pandzsab Tandoori  is located at Budapest XIII, ker. Pannonia utca 3 – the street running along the side of the Vígszínház theatre from Szent Istvan ket.  There are not many Indian restaurants in Budapest and why Indians would even immigrate to Budapest is not obvious.  When we were here in 2006 the “best” Indian restaurant was on a side street off the Octagon, in a creepy and dark space below street level and the food was terrible.  We were really happy to find Pandzsab Tandoor – through the “Spotted by Locals” website — because the food was excellent despite the unpromising look of the place.  You enter at street level a small ‘foyer’ with kitchen beyond but the seating is upstairs.  It is a very small place – only six tables – and it has what ever is the absence of ambience.  There was only one waiter who spoke just enough English to work things out.  The menu was in Hungarian, German, and English as is usual now in almost all restaurants.  We had our standards – Chicken tikki masala and Baigan Bharta, naan, and a reasonable glass of wine (for about $26 total).  Chicken was tandoori tender and juicy and eggplant very well seasoned.  The restaurant is only a few blocks from our apartment so we expect to become regulars.


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